Abdala is the lost daughter of Osama, who wanted to avenge her father's death. Her objective was to take down anything that Americans do, including CAW Leagues. Her attempt, in season one, failed when Ami Mizuno defeated her, ending her contract with VWF via conditions of the Hell in a Cell match at VixenMania, and sends her to hell, to be gone...or so we thought. Abdala returned in season two, taking over the body of Ami, and was technically the VWF champion for 3 months. Her demise finally came, when she was about to take over Usagi's body at Saturday Night's Main Event 2013. Ami returned to her body from Usagi, where Abdala sent her on Nitro S02E26 and was teleported out of Ami's body right before Ami could lay a hand on her. It was later revealed at VixenMania 2, that she voided the "contract" she signed by someone else and her soul was devoured.


Season 1Edit