With the WarGames within reach, Fred and the Senshi do one last thing before their epic confrontations at the event. How will the Daughters of Darkness react, and who'll gain the advantage? Plus, Lightning & Erza have their own singles matches to see who's better, before the two square off, this Sunday. And, Rinoa needs to find a partner for her tag match against the Gullwings...but first, she deals with the person who screwed her, Rikku!



Mio Kuroki says a new member of the Daughters of Darkness will be revealed at WarGames 2013.

Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh were supposed to face Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy in a tag team match but Kiki Dewynter & Viola Dewynter attacked Michiru so it became one on one. Haruka pinned Harley after the Ground Shaking.

Lightning pinned Anya Stroud after the Army of One.

Erza Scarlet made Lara Croft submit with the crossface. Erza and Lightning confronted each other.

Rinoa Heartilly pinned Rikku after the Fallen Angel. Yuna attacked Rinoa. Tina Armstrong is Rinoa's tag partner at WarGames.

Main eventEdit

Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno & Makoto Kino vs. Ashlee Simpson & X-23 was no contest. Ashlee & X-23 walked out. Ami and Aerith Gainsborough brawled.


# Result Stipulation
1 Haruka Tenoh defeated Harley Quinn (with Poison Ivy) Singles match
2 Lightning defeated Anya Stroud Singles match
3 Erza Scarlet defeated Lara Croft (with Lightning) Singles match
4 Rinoa Heartilly defeated Rikku Singles match
5 Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno & Makoto Kino vs. Ashlee Simpson & X-23 was no contest 3 on 2 Tag Team Match