Sakura returned Haruka & exchange for Awesome Kong & Beth Phoenix, who became Sakura' meal! Now that Haruka & Michiru are back, Ami's going to investigate what Sakura intends to do. Meanwhile, the Dwynters are not liking what's going on with the Tag Title situation, and will do anything to get their shot! And, Gina's carnage on Jill Valentine has to be put to a stop. What measures will anyone do to stop her?



Mickie James and Ami Mizuno talk backstage.

Danica Patrick pinned Sakura Haruno after the Pit Stop to win a Queen of the Mountain Qualifier match.

Freddy Jay Francis puts Dixie Clemets and Rowdy Reiko in Queen of the Mountain Qualifier matches.

Panty & Stocking defeated Gears of War (Anya Stroud & Samantha Byrne) in a tag team match. Panty pinned Anya with a small package. Kiki Dewynter and Viola Dewynter taunted both teams.

Gina Carano and Jill Valentine brawled so Freddy makes a match between them where only one will go to VixenMania 3 with Usagi Tsukino as the special referee.

Minako Aino pinned Jessica Simpson with a rollup.

Ami makes a Tag Team Championship Gauntlet at VixenMania 3.

The Gullwings (Rikku & Yuna) defeated the Tag Team champions Rinoa Heartilly & Tina Armstrong in a non title match. Yuna pinned Tina with a rollup.

The Dewynters attack Panty.

Main eventEdit

Jill Valentine defeated Gina Carano. Jill tapped out but Usagi refused to count it. Jill pinned Gina after the Lockout.

Dark Sakura abducted Lara Croft.


# Result Stipulation
1 Danica Patrick defeated Sakura Haruno Queen of the Mountain Qualifier match
2 Panty & Stocking defeated Gears of War (Anya Stroud & Samantha Byrne) Tag Team match
3 Minako Aino defeated Jessica Simpson Singles match
4 The Gullwings (Rikku & Yuna) defeated Rinoa Heartilly & Tina Armstrong (Tag Team Champions) Non Title  Tag Team match
5 Jill Valentine defeated Gina Carano Singles match (with Usagi Tsukino as the special referee)