Ami's chance to redeem the VWF Championship failed, as X-23 helped the Straight Edge Xtremist win back what was vacated. Now, Ami's gonna need backup from the rest of the Senshi, who are dealing with the lying Usagi, to try and turn things around. In the meantime, Gina's challenges continue in another 2-on-1 handicap elimination match for her IG title. Samus' save to Chun Li makes Xaioyu Ling want to go after her...and she will. Plus, someone wants to make a push, and she'll do anything to get it. Who can it be? And...another mysterious video of Aerith surfaces. What happened to her, and why is she "blank-minded"?



Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh defeated Jill Valentine & Lara Croft in a tag team match. Haruka pinned Jill after the Ground Shaking.

Awesome Kong and Danica Patrick backstage brawl.

Kiki Dewynter and Viola Dewynter interview.

Lara Croft walked out on Jill Valentine.

Samus Aran pinned Ling Xiaoyu after the Morph Ball Splash.

Ami Mizuno questioned Tifa Lockhart about Aerith Gainsborough's whereabouts.

Gina Carano defeated Beth Phoenix & Melina in a Handicap Elimination Match. Gina made Melina submit to a Kimura Lock then made Beth submit to a Gogo Palata.

Mickie James requested a match from Freddy Jay Francis and she got to wrestle Hilary Duff. Mickie pinned Hilary by countering her small package.

Main eventEdit

X-23 & LuFisto defeated Rei Hino & Makoto Kino in a tag team match. Rei walked out. X-23 pinned Makoto after the Peacekeeper Kick. Minako Aino saved Makoto from further attack.

Ashlee Simpson must defend the VWF Championship against Ami again.

Aerith continues to try to regain her memory.


# Result Stipulation
1 Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh defeated Jill Valentine & Lara Croft Tag Team Match
2 Samus Aran defeated Ling Xiaoyu Singles Match
3 Gina Carano defeated Beth Phoenix & Melina Handicap Elimination Match
4 Mickie James defeated Hilary Duff Singles Match
5 X-23 & LuFisto defeated Rei Hino & Makoto Kino Tag Team Match