Lightning (Claire Farron) (ライトニング Raitoningu) is a fictional character from Square Enix's Final Fantasy series. She first appeared as a playable character and protagonist in the role-playing video game Final Fantasy XIII, in which she features as a resident of the artificial world of Cocoon. After her sister Serah is declared an enemy of Cocoon, Lightning attempts to save her: she and others are then chosen by the fal'Cie, a divided race of demigods who rule the worlds of Gran Pulse and Cocoon, to destroy Cocoon. Lightning reappears as a supporting character in Final Fantasy XIII-2, acting as protector of the Goddess Etro. She is the sole playable character in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, wherein she sets out to save her world, which is destined to end in thirteen days. She has featured in other Final Fantasy games, most notably the crossover game Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

Lightning debuted in season two, looking to being the "Best Final Fantasy Character" by taking out those within the Final Fantasy lore. Her biggest rivalries to date were with Aerith Gainsborough, for the title of "Best Final Fantasy Character", and Makoto Kino, over the Intergalactic Championship.


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