All of this season was made on WWE '12, except for VixenMania 2, which is made on WWE '13. The arena used for this season's shows was a custom-made arena, designed in Create-An-Arena, which debuted in WWE '12. Commentary was done by Joseph Matos, except for episodes 6 & 9 by Keiro Starr.

Episode Date Matches
1. "New Era" October 1, 2012 Ashlee may of cashed-in her Queen of the Mountain contract, back in July...but she didn't. We'll find out the answers to that, and how Ami will handle it. Also, three matches to debut a few new vixens. And, Fred gives Ami her belated birthday gift...but what she'll do with it is up to her, on this season premiere!

2. "One Step Ahead" October 8, 2012 Ashlee didn't succeed in her first match of season 2, but she won't be messed around, a second time. Meanwhile, the Gears of War girls wanted a rematch against the Dewynter Sisters, and get another chance. Tequila Sunrise and the team of Sakura & Rinoa go at it, and Gina Carano is in action!

  • Hardcore Championship (24/7) - Sakura Haruno defeated Mickie James (c)
3. "Finders Keepers" October 15, 2012 Ashlee got owned twice, and doesn't want to make it a three-peat. But first, she wants her Queen of the Mountain briefcase back from Ami! Also, the Dewynter Sisters are in action, in a #1 Contender's Match for the Tag Titles...but somewhere in the back, the Gears girls have something planned for that. With only 2 weeks before Retribution, how will these--and more--play out?

  • Gina Carano defeated Danica Patrick
  • Rinoa Heartilly & Sakura Haruno defeated The Dewynter Sisters
    • Gears of War challenged the Dewynters one more time at Retribution.
  • Lightning defeated Rikku
  • For the Queen of the Mountain briefcase - Ashlee Simpson defeated Maryse

  • Hardcore Championship (24/7) - Lindsay Lohan defeated Sakura Haruno (c)
4. "No Resolution, Only Retribution" October 22, 2012 With 7 days before the battle at Retribution, Ami and Ashlee must step into the ring and face each other, in a tag team match. Their partners are their choosing. The Hardcore Champion, Lindsay Lohan, has an open challenge to anyone in the back...seeing if they can win it from her. And, Minako and Yuna heat up, after Yuna's disapproval of the rematch clause, a few weeks ago. Retribution is upon us!

  • Gina Carano defeated Lara Croft
  • Hardcore Championship - Lindsay Lohan (c) defeated Mickie James
  • Hardcore Championship - LuFisto defeated Lindsay Lohan (c)
  • Makoto Kino (with Usagi Tsukino) defeated Sakura Haruno (with Rinoa Heartilly)
  • Kiki Dewynter (with Viola Dewynter) defeated Anya Stroud
  • 3 on 3 Tag Team Match - Ami Mizuno, Minako Aino & Aerith defeated Ashlee Simpson, Yuna & Lightning
Retribution 2012
5. "Let The Games Begin" October 29, 2012 It's been hours since the Retribution mega event, and something happened to the VWF Champion! What happened to her? Who did it? What should be done to revolve this situation, 4 weeks before WarGames? And most importantly...what other situations arose, since last night?

  • Gina Carano defeated Jill Valentine
  • WarGames Qualifying Match - Sakura Haruno defeated Lightning
    • Rinoa Heartilly interfered.
  • Rei Hino defeated Melina
    • Yuna calls Rei out.
  • Tequila Sunrise defeated The Dewynter Sisters
  • WarGames Qualifying Match - Ashlee Simpson was disqualified vs. Lindsay Lohan for elbowing the referee. 
6. "Dissolve & Evolve" November 5, 2012 Sakura must find a partner, in order to defend her Tag Team Championship, she solely has, against the ones she defeated back at Retribution, Usagi & Makoto. Meanwhile, Haruka & Michiru finally return to action, as they take on Tequila Sunrise, who has problems in recent weeks due to Reiko's eye injury from the attack, and that Dixie wasn't there to help her. Plus, the 6-vixen battle royale will determine the #1 contender for Yuna's Intergalactic title, and Gina's streak continues!

  • WarGames Qualifying Match - LuFisto defeated Maryse
  • Gina Carano defeated Samantha Bryne
  • Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh defeated Tequila Sunrise
    • Reiko turned against Dixie.
  • Intergalactic Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal - Rei Hino defeated Lara Croft, Hilary Duff, Danica Patrick, Rikku and X-23
  • VWF Tag Team Championship - Sakura Haruno & Hinata Hyuga (c) defeated Usagi Tsukino & Makoto Kino
    • Debut for Hinata.
7. "Second Chances" November 12, 2012 Ashlee Simpson has got one more chance in the WarGames Qualifier, after a controversial ending, a few weeks ago. Who she faces this time, will even shock her. Meanwhile, a #1 Contender's Match for the Tag Titles takes place as the Dewynter Sisters take on the former champs, Usagi & Makoto. Also, Gina's winning streak continues. Who'll be joining Carano's list of victims? And, Aerith has some great news to share...but time is running out on the sleeping VWF Champion, with only one week until decision time.

  • WarGames Qualifying Match - Aerith defeated Minako Aino
  • Gina Carano defeated Michiru Kaioh
    • Haruka Tenoh attacked Gina.
  • The Dewynter Sisters defeated Usagi Tsukino & Makoto Kino
  • Rei Hino defeated Rikku
    • Yuna attacked them both.
  • Extreme Rules WarGames Qualifying Match - Ashlee Simpson defeated The Masked Gugalo
    • The gugalo is revealed as Jessica Simpson.

  • Hardcore Championship (24/7) - Hilary Duff defeated Lindsay Lohan (c)
8. "War" November 19, 2012 The clock is ticking and if Ami doesn't wake up soon, her VWF title will be stripped and the final spot in the WarGames match will be determined. Will she make it in time? And, while the vixens prep themselves for their WarGames matches, Tifa Lockhart makes her return. But what happened to Tifa, in the Lifestream, remains to be seen.

  • Hardcore Championship - Hilary Duff (c) defeated Lindsay Lohan
  • Hardcore Championship - Danica Patrick defeated Hilary Duff (c)
  • Handicap Match - Gina Carano defeated Michiru & Haruka
  • Rei Hino & Rinoa Heartilly defeated Lightning & Yuna
  • 3 on 3 Tag Team Match - Ashlee Simpson & The Dewynter Sisters defeated Aerith & The Hidden Leaf Shinobi (Sakura Haruno & Hinata Hyuga)
WarGames 2012
9. "Worse Than Before" November 26, 2012 The WarGames may be over, but something was just getting started. What's really going on? Has Ashlee Simpson finally gotten off Ami's back? Why did Tifa return in a different look? And who came out as the champion/winner in other matches of WarGames?

  • Hardcore Championship - Jessica Simpson (c) defeated Danica Patrick
  • Gina Carano defeated Lindsay Lohan
  • Non Title Match - Makoto Kino & Minako Aino defeated The Hidden Leaf Shinobi (Tag Team Champions)
    • Sakura was injured.
  • Non Title Match - Rei Hino (Intergalactic Champion) defeated Usagi Tsukino
    • Yuna attacked them both.
  • Tifa Lockhart defeated Ashlee Simpson
10. "Revelation" December 3, 2012 With her eyes set on the new challenger, Ami hopes to get answers on how Tifa returned, and if its related to Ami's condition. Also, Rei needs to figure out how to solve the issue with Yuna, who attacked Rikku.

  • Gina Carano defeated Anya Stroud
  • Hinata Hyuga defeated Haruka Tenoh (with Michiru Kaioh)
    • Hinata called out Minako & Makoto but Haruka & Michiru answered.
  • Rinoa Heartilly & Dixie Clemets defeated Lightning & Rowdy Reiko
  • Yuna defeated Rikku
    • Melina attacked Yuna.
11. "Wrong End of the Stick" December 10, 2012 Ami tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together before the dreaded day in two weeks. Who is to blame for the marks being out on the champion? Meanwhile, Melina returned, saving Rikku from Yuna. While Yuna's in action, what does Rei plan to do with Melina? And the #1 contendership for the Tag Titles are up for grabs, once again, as the Dewynter Sisters try again against the Senshi members, Makoto & Minako. Who'll go to Femme Fatale, and face the Hidden Leaf Shinobi for the titles?

  • Yuna defeated Usagi Tsukino
  • Gina Carano defeated Maryse
    • Maryse lowblowed Gina as one last defiant act.
  • Makoto Kino & Minako Aino defeated The Dewynter Sisters
  • Aerith defeated Tifa Lockhart
    • Ami Mizuno attacks Tifa.
12. "Losing Ground" December 17, 2012 Aerith wants to know why Ami attacked Tifa, last week. Was it because Ami has some secret...or something else? Meanwhile, Yuna must take on Melina, in a #1 Contender's Match for Rei Hino's Intergalactic title. And Rowdy Reiko is expecting an answer from Dixie, if she accepts their cage match at Femme Fatale.

  • Gina Carano defeated Michele McCool
  • Yuna defeated Melina
    • Yuna challenges Rei Hino to an Inferno Match at Femme Fatale
  • Rowdy Reiko defeated Rinoa Heartilly
  • Tifa Lockhart & Ashlee Simpson defeated Ami Mizuno & Aerith
    • Aerith turns against Ami.
13. "Revengeance" December 24, 2012 Tifa's last-ditch effort to prevent the inevitable from happening to Ami may of worked...but for how long. Sakura's injury puts Hinata in a situation, if she will have to defend the tag titles at Femme Fatale on own, or forfeit them. All while hyping up for Sunday's mega event, on this Christmas Eve!

  • Gina Carano defeated Viola Dewynter (with Kiki Dewynter)
  • Rei Hino & Dixie Clemets defeated Rowdy Reiko & Yuna
  • Hinata forfeits the Tag titles if she loses - Minako Aino defeated Hinata Hyuga
  • Hardcore Championship - Jessica Simpson (c) defeated Makoto Kino
  • Aerith & Usagi Tsukino vs. Tifa Lockhart & X-23 was no contest
    • Ami Mizuno assaulted everone. It was then that Abdala Bin Laden had officially taken over Ami's body.
Femme Fatale 2012
14. "New Year's Bash" January 6, 2013 As 2012 draws to a close, we saw something that we've never thought would happen, again: Abdala, talking over the mind of the VWF Champion, Ami! Did Tifa stop her in a gruesome hour-long Xtreme Ironvixen match? Or did Abdala successfully retain the title that she humbled for, last season. And, what other fallouts took place from Femme Fatale. If there's one thing that people want in VWF's New Year's to make 2013 a much better year, than what we've seen in the past 12 months.

  • Lightning & Sakura Haruno defeated Jessica Simpson & Hinata Hyuga
  • Gears of War defeated Haruka & Michiru
    • The Dewynters attack Gears of War.
  • Gina Carano defeated Harley Quinn
    • Debut for Harley.
  • Makoto Kino defeated Minako Aino
  • 2 out of 3 Submissions Match for the VWF Championship - Abdala Bin Laden (c) defeated Ashlee Simpson
15. "Xtreme Challenger" January 10, 2013 A new challenger for Abdala's VWF Championship must be determined, and Fred knows a way. Meanwhile, the Hardcore Champion continues to challenges herself when she defends it, Makoto & Minako still don't trust each other, Anya tries to get an explanation for the actions the Dewynter Sisters did, and Gina Carano continues her 3-month winning streak! Whew...we're kicking off 2013 with a BANG!

  • Gina Carano defeated LuFisto
  • Hardcore Championship (Lightning won't use weapons) - Lightning (c) defeated Michiru Kaioh
  • Ashlee Simpson defeated Dixie Clemets
  • Fatal 4-Way Xtreme Eliminator Match - Tifa Lockhart defeated Aerith, Usagi Tsukino and Minako Aino
    • Abdala Bin Laden challenges Tifa to a Funhouse from Hell (Last Vixen Standing Hell in a Cell) Match at Rumble Roses.
16. "That One Chance" January 14, 2013 Minako & Makoto's trust in each other has been deteriorating. But they got a chance to redeem themselves, when they team up in a #1 Condender's Match for the Tag titles. Will their relationship rekindle...or fall apart? Also, Gina's got an announcement to make, after a streak of victories throughout the season!

  • Gina Carano defeated Jessica Simpson
    • Sakura Haruno interfered.
  • Harley Quinn defeated Lara Croft
  • Hardcore Championship (Lightning won't defend herself) - Lightning (c) defeated Lindsay Lohan
  • Gears of War defeated Makoto Kino & Minako Aino
17. "Calm Before The Storm" January 21, 2013 With one week before Rumble Roses, Usagi must decide what to do with Minako and Makoto, since their tag team loss. Meanwhile, Gina plans to announce what championship she will go for at the mega event IF she defeats victim #20? And why hasn't Abdala given time in this episode? These will escalate even before we get to Rumble Roses!

  • Gina Carano defeated Yuna
    • Melina interfered. Gina challenges Intergalactic champion Rei Hino at Rumble Roses.
  • Hardcore Championship - Aerith defeated Lightning (c)
  • Sakura Haruno defeated Hinata Hyuga
  • Usagi Tsukino (with Makoto Kino) defeated Minako Aino
Rumble Roses 2013
18. "Winning Ain't Easy" January 28, 2013 VixenMania may be 2 months away, but the road to getting there begins. Who won the Rumble and headlining VixenMania? Did Rei stop Gina's winning streak? And...more importantly, who came out of the Funhouse From Hell? One thing is for sure, nobody will be 100%, just 24 hours after their fight AND the rumble match.

  • VWF Intergalactic Championship - Gina Carano (c) defeated Rei Hino
  • Jill Valentine & Lara Croft defeated Gears of War
  • Ashlee Simpson defeated Yuna
    • Haruka Tenoh attacks Ashlee.
  • Usagi Tsukino & Minako Aino defeated Lindsay Lohan & Mickie James
    • Rei Hino is found attacked backstage.
19. "Accused" February 4, 2013 The Senshi question the last person who talked to Rei, who was suddenly attacked...Makoto. Did Makoto attack Rei? Meanwhile, Gina's streak continues, and who's next in her path? Sakura & Hinata battle, and the newly-found team of Jill and Lara take on the Tag champs in a non-title match! Are they worthy of being contenders or just another victim in the Dewynter Sister's path of dominance?

  • Non Title Match - Gina Carano (Intergalactic Champion) defeated Dixie Clemets
    • Harley Quinn attacks Gina.
  • Falls Count Anywhere Match - Sakura Haruno defeated Hinata Hyuga
  • Non Title Match - The Dewynter Sisters (Tag Team Champions) defeated Jill Valentine & Lara Croft
  • Makoto Kino & Lindsay Lohan defeated LuFisto & Usagi Tsukino
20. "Justified" February 11, 2013 The investigation continues, as they try to find out if Makoto's behind the attack. Meanwhile, Jill & Lara tag up to face Haruka & Michiru...but are they worthy enough to be challengers for Dewynter Sisters? And can the streak continue for Gina Carano?

  • Non Title Match - Gina Carano (Intergalactic Champion) defeated Rowdy Reiko
    • Harley Quinn confronts Gina.
  • Jill Valentine & Lara Croft defeated Haruka & Michiru
  • Hardcore Championship - Aerith (c) defeated Danica Patrick
  • Lindsay Lohan (with Mickie James) defeated Michelle McCool
21. "Blackjack" February 18, 2013 With one week before Judgment Day, one question begs to mind: why did Fred arrest Makoto? Was there some evidence, and how will Usagi respond? Also, Abdala awakens from her slumber, but Fred's got something in mind to punish her, for her absence. And what is Ashlee's response from Haruka, who wants the Queen of the Mountain contract on the line at the mega event? It's going to be a gamble, leading into Judgment Day.

  • Jill Valentine & Lara Croft defeated Mickie James & Lindsay Lohan
  • Gina Carano & Jessica Simpson defeated Harley Quinn & Michelle McCool
  • Ashlee Simpson defeated Michiru Kaioh
    • Haruka confronted Ashlee.
  • Handicap Match - Abdala bin Laden vs. Tifa Lockhart, Aerith & Usagi Tsukino was no contest
    • Makoto Kino, Rei Hino and Minako Aino all brawled.
Judgment Day 2013
22. "Road to Redemption" February 25, 2013 Who came out on top after their Judgment Day? Has Usagi overcome the odds against the controlled friend, Makoto? And, we start the Queen of the Mountain Qualifier matches, to determine who'll participate in the 6-Vixen Queen of the Mountain Ladder Match at VixenMania! The Road to VixenMania is gonna get very rough, for the final five weeks.

  • Queen of the Mountain Qualifier Match - LuFisto defeated Hilary Duff
    • Danica Patrick got involved.
  • Awesome Kong defeated Harley Quinn
    • Kong's debut.
  • Non Title Match - Gina Carano (Intergalactic Champion) defeated Sakura Haruno
  • Usagi Tsukino defeated Rei Hino
23. "Gonna Get Got" March 4, 2013 The Road to Redemption Series continues as Abdala chooses another one of her mind-controlled friends of Usagi, to be Usagi's opponent. Meanwhile, Jill & Lara may have thought of another way to get to the Dewynter Sisters. The second participant of the Queen of the Mountain Ladder match will be determined. And why did Gina deny Tifa invitation for a match at VixenMania?

  • Non Title Match - Gina Carano (Intergalactic Champion) defeated Rikku
  • Queen of the Mountain Qualifier Match - Hinata Hyuga defeated Sakura Haruno
  • LuFisto & Hilary Duff defeated Lindsay Lohan & Danica Patrick
  • Usagi Tsukino defeated Minako Aino (with Rei Hino)
24. "Higher Stakes" March 11, 2013 Usagi has gotten through 2 of her friends, with one remaining. Can she get through and even the playing field for VixenMania? Also, the attack on Lara, when she and Jill bought back the old Tag titles, leads to only one solution...something needs to be done to the jealous Dewynter Sisters! And, Yuna & Rikku finally settle their differences in the ring, and to determine the next spot for the Queen of the Mountain Ladder match.

  • Ashlee Simpson defeated Michelle McCool
  • Queen of the Mountain Qualifier Match - Yuna defeated Rikku
    • Melina got involved.
  • Non Title Match - Gina Carano (Intergalactic Champion) defeated Kiki Dewynter
    • Jill Valentine & Lara Croft chased off the Dewynters.
  • Usagi Tsukino defeated Makoto Kino (with Abdala bin Laden)
    • Haruka & Michiru came to Usagi's aid.
25. "Backfire" March 18, 2013 Abdala's games against Usagi finally came to a screeching halt, when Haruka & Michiru intervened. What will Abdala do with this new help that Usagi desperately needed? Whatever it is, it'll certainly piss off Fred, and will reflect on the rest of the night, with VixenMania 2 in less than 2 weeks!

  • Queen of the Mountain Qualifier Match - Dixie Clemets defeated Rowdy Reiko
  • Hardcore Championship - Danica Patrick defeated Lightning (c)
    • Aerith attacked Lightning. As punishment she must face Gina Carano.
  • Non Title Match - Gina Carano (Intergalactic Champion) defeated Aerith
    • Tifa Lockhart attacked Gina and challenged her at VixenMania.
  • Kiki Dewynter defeated Jill Valentine
    • Lara Croft tried to help Jill but got thrown out.
  • Haruka & Michiru defeated Makoto Kino & Abdala bin Laden
    • Abdala turned against Makoto.
26. "Fifty" March 25, 2013 What better way to mark the season finale, with it being the 50th episode! While Abdala faces Makoto Kino--the one whom she walked out from, last week--others begin to develop. Gina must answer to Tifa's challenge for their confrontation at VixenMania, and the final 2 spots of the Queen of the Mountain Qualifier will be determined in a tag team match! How will the last Nitro of the season end up? One thing is for sure: things will definitely lead into Saturday Night's Main Event & VixenMania 2!

  • Tag Team Queen of the Mountain Qualifier Match - Lindsay Lohan & Harley Quinn defeated X-23 & Jessica Simpson
  • Lara Croft (with Jill Valentine) defeated Viola Dewynter (with Kiki Dewynter)
  • Queen of the Mountain contract vs. Maryse's career - Ashlee Simpson defeated Maryse
    • Michelle McCool challenges Ashlee to the same stipulations at VixenMania 2.
  • Tifa Lockhart defeated Lightning (with Gina Carano)
    • Gina accepted Tifa's VixenMania challenge. Aerith attacked Lightning and Tifa.
  • Non Title Match - Abdala bin Laden (VWF Champion) defeated Makoto Kino (with Usagi Tsukino)
    • The Sailor Senshi reverted back to their old selves.
Saturday Night's Main Event 2013
VixenMania 2