Mio may of gotten into Fred's head, and gotten her wish of the WarGames match...and Fred's ownership is on the line! Now, Fred needs the Senshi to work as one, in order to stop the Daughters of Darkness. Meanwhile, the re-formed Gullwings are in action, after Rikku back-tabbed Rinoa to join Yuna, last week. Panty & Stocking continue their winning ways. And how will Erza respond to Lightning, when Lightning has a match?



Hinata Hyuga pinned Rowdy Reiko with a small package.

Rinoa Heartilly gets interviewed.

Lightning pinned Melina after the Army of One. Lightning challenged Erza Scarlet at WarGames 2013.

Kiki Dewynter and Viola Dewynter ditch the issue of Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh's rematch.

The Gullwings (Yuna & Rikku) defeated Gears of War (Anya Stroud & Samantha Byrne) in a tag team match. Rikku pinned Anya after the Al Bhed Drop.

Mio Kuroki makes a Handicap match between LuFisto & X-23 vs. one of the Senshi.

Panty & Stocking defeated Ling Xiaoyu & Sakura Haruno in a tag team match. Panty pinned Xiaoyu after the Sixty Niner Piledriver.

Main eventEdit

Freddy Jay Francis countered Mio's earlier stipulation and turned it into a tag match.

X-23 & LuFisto defeated Minako Aino & Rei Hino in a tag team match. LuFisto pinned Minako after an inverted Death Valley Driver. Ami Mizuno came to Minako's aid but Aerith Gainsborough attacked her.


# Result Stipulation
1 Hinata Hyuga defeated Rowdy Reiko Singles match
2 Lightning defeated Melina Singles match
3 The Gullwings (Yuna & Rikku) defeated Gears of War (Anya Stroud & Samantha Byrne) Tag Team match
4 Panty & Stocking defeated Ling Xiaoyu & Sakura Haruno Tag Team match
5 X-23 & LuFisto (with Mio Kuroki) defeated Minako Aino & Rei Hino Tag Team match