Who survived the hellish hour of Xtreme as the VWF Champion? What shocking news has Fred revealed for Mio? And what else transpired at Femme Fatale? One thing is for certain: whatever happens in the final show of 2013, will have a ripple effect heading into 2014.



Ashlee Simpson contronted Mio Kuroki.

Erza Scarlet made Harley Quinn submit to the crossface. Lightning confronted Erza.

Michiru Kaioh tells Freddy Jay Francis about Mio Kuroki's unknown benefactor.

Rinoa Heartilly & Tina Armstrong defeated Panty & Stocking in a tag team match. Rinoa pinned Stocking with a small package.

Kiki DeWynter and Viola DeWynter cuts a promo.

Freddy gave Rei Hino and Makoto Kino the go ahead to challenge whomever tonight.

Yuna confronted Mio.

Rei Hino pinned LuFisto after the top rope Rolling Mandala.

Usagi Tsukino and Minako Aino talked backstage.

Jill Valentine pinned Rowdy Reiko after the midair Lockout to retain the VWF Hardcore Championship.

Main eventEdit

Makoto Kino pinned X-23 after the Thunder Crash. LuFisto attacked Makoto.

Usagi and Aerith Gainsborough will face each other for the VWF Championship at Rumble Roses 2014. Freddy and Mio will battle there for  ownership of VWF.

Ami Mizuno is the new interim owner of VWF.


# Result Stipulation
1 Erza Scarlet defeated Harley Quinn Singles match
2 Rinoa Heartilly & Tina Armstrong defeated Panty & Stocking Tag Team match
3 Rei Hino defeated LuFisto Singles match
4 Jill Valentine (c) defeated Rowdy Reiko Hardcore match for the VWF Hardcore Championship
5 Makoto Kino defeated X-23 Singles match
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match