Mio has enough of Ami's games and wants to stop it before she goes after Fred, to redeem the ownership...even if she has to sacrifice the Daughters of Darkness to get the job done. Meanwhile, the vixens prepare for the biggest Omega Rumble in history, as well as the other matches for this year's Rumble Roses event. The only question is: is Usagi Tsukino ready to face and heal the VWF Champion, Aerith?



Ashlee Simpson and X-23 confronted each other.

Ami Mizuno makes Freddy Jay Francis and Mio Kuroki's match at Rumble Roses 2014 an I Quit match.

Intergalactic champion Cat Zingano pinned Mickie James after the Alpha Bomb to win a non title match. Lightning attacked them both.

Ami makes Lightning wrestle Awesome Kong as punishment. Awesome Kong pinned Lightning after the Implant Buster.

Makoto Kino tells Usagi Tsukino and Rei Hino about the main event which is a six vixen tag team match between the Senshi and the DOD.

Erza Scarlet made Yuna submit to the crossface to win the VWF Hardcore Championship.

Danica Patrick is interviewed.

Tina Armstrong pinned Haruka Tenoh after the miadair Tina Cutter.

Yuna challenges Erza for a rematch for the Hardcore title at Rumble Roses.

Main eventEdit

Mio declares that if the DOD lose, they are done as a faction.

Usagi Tsukino, Makoto Kino & Minako Aino defeated Ashlee Simpson, LuFisto & Rikku in a six vixen tag team match. Minako pinned LuFisto after the midair V Kick. Aerith Gainsborough attacked the Senshi.


# Result Stipulation
1 Cat Zingano (Intergalactic Champion) defeated Mickie James Non Title Singles match
2 Awesome Kong defeated Lightning Singles match
3 Erza Scarlet defeated Yuna (c) Hardcore match for the VWF Hardcore Championship
4 Tina Armstrong (with Rinoa Heartilly) defeated Haruka Tenoh (with Michiru Kaioh) Singles match
5 Usagi Tsukino, Makoto Kino & Minako Aino defeated Ashlee Simpson, LuFisto & Rikku Six-Vixen Tag Team match
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match