At the halfway point of the season and only 7 days before the final mega event of 2013, Usagi is getting restless for Ashlee! Lucky for her, the S.E.X. makes her comeback. Why was Ashlee M.I.A. for the past few weeks, and how Mio will handle the two before they tear each other apart? Meanwhile, Michiru's actions in last week's match causes Rikku to challenge her to a match before their epic Tag Title match at Femme Fatale. Plus, a couple matches preview what's to come this Sunday.



Kiki DeWynter pinned Panty after a roundhouse kick.

Usagi Tsukino and Rinoa Heartilly talked backstage.

Cat Zingano & Erza Scarlet defeated LuFisto & Lightning in a tag team match. Erza pinned LuFisto with a rollup.

Mio Kuroki makes Usagi compete in the main event against X-23.

Jessica Simpson pinned Hinata Hyuga after the Simpson Effect to win the VWF Hardcore Championship.

Rikku pinned Michiru Kaioh after the Al Bhed Drop. Michiru and Haruka Tenoh continued their attack afterwards. Yuna picked Two Out of Three Falls for the VWF Tag Team Championship at Femme Fatale 2013.

Panty & Stocking attacked the Dewynters during thier interview.

Main eventEdit

Usagi Tsukino vs. X-23 was a draw. Ashlee Simpson took down X-23. Aerith Gainsborough attack Usagi.


# Result Stipulation
1 Kiki Dewynter (with Viola Dewynter) defeated Panty (with Stocking) Singles match
2 Cat Zingano & Erza Scarlet defeated LuFisto & Lightning Tag Team match
3 Jessica Simpson defeated Hinata Hyuga (c) Hardcore match for the VWF Hardcore Championship
4 Rikku defeated Michiru Kaioh Singles match
5 Usagi Tsukino (VWF Champion) vs. X-23 was a draw Non Title Singles match
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match