The second-to-last mega event of the season, in which contains matches that have random stipulations, determined by playing Press Your Luck.

Season Name Date Scheduled Main Event
1 Jd12 February 26, 2012 Abdala Bin Laden (c) vs. Usagi Tsukino for the VWF Championship (random stipulation)
2 Jd13 February 24, 2013 Ami Mizuno (c) vs. ??? for the VWF Championship (random stipulation)
3 JudgmentDay2014 February 23, 2014 Usagi Tsukino (c) vs. Aerith Gainsborough for the VWF Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match

Press Your LuckEdit

Based on the game show, Whammy! aka Press Your Luck, it contains a board with match types and/or opponents for vixens to choose from. The rules of this game are as follows:

  1. The board starts up, continuously highlighting a random match type/opponent.
  2. The only way to be stopped is for the vixen to say "STOP".
  3. Wherever it lands on, that will be your chosen match type/opponent.

Mega Event GuideEdit

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