VWF's second mega event of the season, featuring the use of the War Chamber (WWE's Elimination Chamber). It's mainly used for the WarGames match

Season Name Date Scheduled Main Event
1 Wargames1 November 27, 2011 LuFisto, Ami Mizuno & Aerith Gainsborough vs. Al Qaeda (Abdala Bin Laden, Lindsay Lohan & Tifa Lockhart) in a 3-on-3 WarGames Match
2 Wg12 November 25, 2012 Ami Mizuno (c) vs. LuFisto vs. Aerith Gainsborough vs. Lindsay Lohan vs. Ashlee Simpson vs. Sakura Haruno in a WarGames Match for the VWF Championship
3 WarGames November 24, 2013 Minako Aino, Rei Hino & Makoto Kino vs. LuFisto, X-23 & ??? in a 3-on-3 WarGames Match. If the Senshi lose, Mio Kuroki will take over as owner of VWF.
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match

WarGames MatchEdit

The match consists of two teams of three, and it is contested inside the Elimination Chamber. Every minute, a vixen enters from one of the four pods, that are inside the chamber. First team to eliminate all three of the opposing team wins.

The only time the WarGames match changed was in 2012, when it was every vixen for heself, for the VWF Championship. The majority of the rules are the same, but the only difference was that every vixen must be eliminated. The last vixen standing, wins.

Mega Event GuideEdit

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