WWE 2K14 cover

Official Box Art

WWE 2K14 is an upcoming professional wrestling video game developed by Yuke's & Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It will be the first game published by 2K Sports since Take-Two gained the license from THQ in a bankruptcy filing. It is the sequel to WWE '13 and the first game in the WWE 2K series. It is to be released on October 29, 2013 in North America and November 1 in Europe.

Confirmed Information

Universe Mode 4.0

  • Divas Championship can now be assigned as Major titles.
  • You can set how many matches your weekly show can have (5~7 matches)
  • King of the Ring tournament can now be used in the mode, where the winner .will be labeled as "King of the Ring", until the next tourney.
  • Rivalries is a new feature to Universe Mode, this year. You can cutomize one-on-one & tag team rivalries that can be short or long, depending on how long you want them. And matches will not have them face each other in a match, every week.
  • You can now set a default attire for each superstar/diva.

Creative Suite

  • You can create up to 100 superstars/divas
  • Superstar Heads can let you make your own alt attire for a superstar/divas, and set that as an Alt Attire, or as a CAW. Note, you cannot edit the head area.
  • Superstar Threads can now allow you to edit a superstar/diva's entrance attire.
  • More parts to make your CAW.
  • Create-A-Championship makes its return, allowing you to import your paint tool into the main or the side plates.
  • Create-An-Arena returns, where you can create your own arena in 8 diffrent venue sizes, using 31 pre-made stage designs (11 are new). Certain stages don't have entrance ramps, including existing ones from WWE '13.
  • Create-An-Entrance is finally updated, to allow you to switch superstars, if they are in a team/faction, and customize what parts of the tron can be used.

Other Stuff

  • Edit Teams is added to My WWE section, so you can use tag/trio entrances throughout the game, even in Story Designer.
  • Replay is another new feature in My WWE. It may be the same thing as Highlight Reel, but with a new name.
  • Tournaments replaces King of the Ring, but the King of the Ring version of the tournament is still in with Gold Rush included.
  • More than 300 moves have been added to the game, including specific moves for The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns).

  • WWE 2K14 Main Menu
  • Main Menu>Creation Suite Menu
  • Create-A-Championship Pre-set designs
  • Create-A-Championship: Coloring Main Plate
  • Create-A-Championship: Coloring Side Plates (individually)
  • Create-A-Championship: Plate Designs (re-sizable)
  • Create-A-Championship: Naming Plate Menu
  • Create-A-Championship: Max Letters you can use to name
  • Create-A-Championship: Max letters for short name of title
  • Superstar Threads: Entrance Attire Coloring
  • Create-An-Arena: First thing you see when making a new one
  • Create-An-Arena: Arena Sizes (FROM TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: regular, indy, MSG, old Tribute to the Troops, WM9, Stadiums 1~3)
  • Create-An-Arena: Menu (didn't cover much, but 20-25 preset designs are in)
  • Create-An-Entrance...updated!
  • Superstar Heads in Create-A-Superstar (Paul Heyman w/o body preset)
  • Superstar Heads: Rowdy Roddy Piper (early days)
  • Create-A-Superstar: You can input your twitter handle
  • Universe Mode 4.0
  • Menu
  • Rivlary Menu (You can set between single or tag, and how long will it last)
  • PPV themes added: No Man's Land & King of the Ring
  • Set a default attire for each superstar/diva
  • Divas championships can be used as MAJOR titles, now!
  • WWE 2K14 "My WWE" Sub-Menu